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HNB Europe

Experts in textiles for the hospitality industry

Our products are designed to withstand intensive use and frequent washing, maintaining their appearance and quality for longer.

Superior quality

We use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure our products are durable and wear-resistant.

Variety of products

We offer a wide variety of products. From sheets and towels to uniforms, our textiles come in different sizes, colors and designs.

Exceptional service

Team available to answer any questions and help our customers find the right textile solution for their needs.

About us?

HNB Europe

HNB Europe is dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of textiles for multiple channels such as industrial laundries, hotels, hostels, gyms, tourist apartments, hospitals, residences and for any industrial use. It has factories in India and Pakistan with more than 400 workers and experience since 1977 in the sector.

Our logistics distribution center is based in Barcelona, ​​guaranteeing a quality, fast and economical service as there are no intermediaries.

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Products manufactured for the hospitality sector

Our experience, superior quality and personalized service make us the perfect option for your business. We also have very competitive prices.

What we offer?

Hospitality textile specialists

Hotel towels

Towels in all sizes, rugs, bathrobes. Swimwear designed to be comfortable and durable, with a wide variety of styles.

Tablecloths for restaurants

We offer: napkins and tablecloths for catering in satin, 50% cotton, 50% polyester, 100% linen, linen-polyester, 100% polyester and much more.

Sheets for hotels

Sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, waterproof mattress protectors and pillows. Available in different sizes and styles.

Textile articles for geriatrics

High-absorption pads, bibs, and special protectors for nursing homes designed to provide maximum comfort and protection.

Why choose us?

We adapt to your needs

Order customization

Possibility of customizing orders with screen printing, embroidery, special measurements, designs, etc.

Innovative materials

Innovative materials such as anti-stain, anti-bacterial, anti-wrinkle and water resistant.

Quality and durability

HNB Europe products are designed to be durable and of high quality.

Experience and professionalism

Extensive experience in the manufacturing and distribution of textiles for a variety of channels.

High quality products at competitive prices

Our goal is to meet the needs of each client and guarantee their satisfaction. If you are looking for high quality textiles, look no further than HNB Europe.


What do our customers say?

susana fpg
susana fpg
Muy agradecidos con los servicios prestados por esta empresa. Productos de calidad, cumplidores de los plazos de entrega acordados y buen asesoramiento de productos. Todo un hallazgo.
Qaiser Pervez
Qaiser Pervez
Todo correcto, buena comunicación y muy profesionales.
pablo piñero
pablo piñero
Buena calidad y servicio rapidísimo lo recomiendo .
sara A
sara A
Super amables y muy profesionales.
Excelente atención, rapidez en la gestión y en el envío.
Javier Regaño Estaún
Javier Regaño Estaún
Nuestra experiencia con ellos es fantástica. Llevo trabajando con HNB más de 5 años. Siempre han atendido nuestras peticiones y tratan de dar respuesta ágil y efectiva a nuestras peticiones de toallas. Incluso en los momentos en los que las situaciones de transporte internacional no han sido fáciles, han hecho lo imposible por darnos servicio. Muy recomendable.
Ricard G
Ricard G
Todo correcto. Muy profesionales
david trullols
david trullols
Llevamos ya varios pedidos con ellos y tanto la calidad del producto como la calidad del servicio es excepcional.
Rapidez de respuesta, producto de Calidad, seriedad y profesionalidad. Da gusto trabajar con proveedores así. "LA CAOACIDAD DE UNA EMPRESA ES LA DE SUS PROVEEDORES"
NQN Aparts & Suites
NQN Aparts & Suites
Ropa de excelente calidad y servicio excepcional!! 100% recomendados!!

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With our wide selection of high-quality products and our excellent customer service, we are sure you will find what you need. Contact us today to learn more!

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