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Textile articles for geriatrics

What we offer?

Item Types

We offer a wide range of items for geriatrics. Among others, the most common products are:


We offer high-quality products that help protect seniors from stains and accidents.

Some of the features of our pads include: absorbency and durability.


We offer high quality products to satisfy the needs of our clients in the healthcare and geriatrics sector.

The adult bibs we have have optimal quality.

Waterproof and breathable mattress and pillow protectors, covers

They are designed to guarantee the conservation and durability of geriatric mattresses.

All HNB Europe items are designed to withstand industrial washing.

Textiles for geriatrics can contribute to environmental sustainability, since there are many disposable items, but from our point of view, they eventually become more expensive and generate a lot of waste.

Our items can withstand many washes, reducing the amount of waste generated.

What else do you need?

At HNB Europe, we try to provide complete solutions for our clients. Complete your order with the following items: